Welcome to Vertical Aspect!

We are a small company of UAV Mapping experts – based out of San Antonio, while performing service work in Texas and surrounding states, and providing UAV mapping training across the U.S.

Our Mission

Our Vertical Aspect team helps individual professionals and companies rapidly integrate drone mapping, through our consulting, individualized training, and sales of select hardware and software products.

Our Backgrounds

The background and personal experiences of our staff has directly enabled us to provide UAV mapping. Our lead technical expert, Mark Paulson, is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor in Texas. He is also a private pilot and has extensive fixed wing drone flight experience. Our expertise path we forged over the years was built on the hard work, skill, knowledge, and dedication of our team members.

Initially, like in life’s opportunities and challenges, we engaged in a lot of trial and error. With extensive research we also purchased the most advanced products available. We studied by scouring numerous forums and tutorials – hung out with R/C (remote control) experts, took various courses, asked innumerable questions. We flew countless training, test and project flights. We burned the midnight oil learning the intricacies of various related post-processing software, served as beta team members, and contributed our experience in helping to make the software better.

Along the way, we suffered the occasional crash, fixed the equipment, learned from our mistakes, and repeated the cycle. We saw our early failures and backtracking as integral to our method of self-teaching, and we learned from them – rarely making the same mistake twice.

Through this R/C journey, we realized there was a real need to share our knowledge with others. Our clients and colleagues were then able to take a much more direct, efficient, and less expensive path towards generating survey-grade projects.

Taking Off

Thus, Vertical Aspect was launched, in late 2014. We learned even more about the aircraft and associated software, and became trainers and re-sellers of select products we felt were the best-in-value.

Our Clients

We have a wide range of clients – from those who are totally new to drones to current surveyors, engineers, or contractors who have mapping background and see drones as a great tool to add to their toolbox. Others are R/C hobbyists who want to turn their passion for remote flight into a business. Where we saw resistance to the technology at first, with the rapid migration of technology and the public’s exposure to drones, we now see acceptance and eagerness to take advantage of everything this new field has to offer.

How We Can Help

  • Assess your needs and provide the tools, training and support
  • Save you Time & Money in Getting Started
  • Help you pick the right equipment the first time
  • Rapidly help you learn all levels of the mapping workflow
  • Tailor your training needs to your goals and level of expertise
  • Serve as a resource following your initial training to assist you in your projects or as an advocate to your clients

“We’re consultants and trainers first – salesmen only if your needs require it…”

Full Service Projects

If you prefer to outsource your drone mapping needs – we can do it all for you – from flight planning through final product. This is a great option for those preferring to let someone else take on this effort . . . or to experience the entire process themselves before making the decision to in-source.

Significantly easier to legally conduct Commercial Drone Operations

Where we initially saw hesitation for clients to use drones commercially due to the legal and regulatory issues (FAA Part 333 requiring a manned pilot license), we now have a much more realistic path towards legally flying commercially via the new FAA Part 107 pilot certification process.

So, we welcome you to join us as we share our knowledge in the world of UAV mapping. There’s a lot of ground to cover. So, be sure to stay connected to our blog articles and learn more about our Vertical Aspect team.

May we be your first-choice R/C resource for this rapidly developing industry and associated technology. May the experience we offer, and you gain, help keep you out of the Guess, Buy, Fly, Crash and Fix cycle.