Virtual Surveyor is a powerful, easy-to-use program to help provide a complete UAV mapping workflow… It works in conjunction with Pix4D or other UAV mapping software and its’ benefits include:

  • User has fine control of break lines, points and gridding
  • Easier to edit the terrain
  • Very rapid, accurate marking of stockpiles
  • Ability to work with much smaller file sizes (the full size point cloud from Pix4D is too large to be imported into many CAD programs)
  • Virtual Surveyor exports into DXF, Shape or Text Format
  • This training video shows how to use Pix4D to create terrains in Virtual Surveyor

The only two files which are needed are:

  1. Ortho-rectified TIFF: 3_dsm_ortho\2_mosaic\project_name_transparent_mosaic_group1.tif
  2. DSM-TIFF: 3_dsm_ortho\1_dsm\project_name_dsm.tif

For more information contact Vertical Aspect.

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