Mark Paulson, Owner/Leader Expert

Mark gained his education in the 1970s & 1980s with the University of Houston in Engineering, and Texas A&M University in Civil Engineering. Through the ensuing years he worked for Hawk Mineral Fund as their General Manager. Mark then moved ahead to work for GA Spatial Technologies as a UAV Specialist.

In 2014, he launched Vertical Aspect, LLC. With the new FAA Part 107 requirements providing a solid path to legally allow commercial operations with UAVs, Vertical Aspect provides the expertise and tools to enable individuals and professionals to rapidly get up to speed with all facets of UAV Mapping – from mission planning, through image capture and post-processing through final survey grade deliverables.

Vertical Aspect uses fixed wing and multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, along with the most advanced software tools, to produce high quality aerial mapping, imagery and videos. Mark and his team train in a wide range of fixed wing (SenseFly, Robota and Lehmann Aviation) as well as DJI multirotor platforms, and provide individualized training with Pix4D Pro Mapper, Virtual Surveyor and Global Mapper software.

Based out of Boerne, Texas, Vertical Aspect provides virtual training worldwide. He is a registered Professional Land Surveyor for the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveyors (Credential ID 2099).