Here are our high level offerings available to you


  • Business Uses for Drones
  • Major Components Needed
  • How to Learn UAV Mapping
  • Why not just use Google Earth?

Taking it a Step Further

  • More complex projects
  • Taking on more of the workflow

Additional Offerings via our Blog

  • Reader’s Choice – You Pick the Topic
  • The Business of Mapping
  • Reviews of the products we use
  • Showcasing our Projects
  • Pertinent Industry News
  • Sharing Info from our speeches and presentations


  • The Workflow
  • Outputs and their Uses
  • Survey Grade Accuracy vs. A Pretty Picture
  • Mapping Theory
  • Desktop vs. Online post-processing
  • Outputs explained – Sorting out the acronym soup of DSM, DTM, LAS Ortho, topo, etc.

How To…

  • Ground Control Points
  • Adjusting altitudes for DJI Products
  • Joining projects together
  • Common Errors and How Not to Make Them