Components for Drone Mapping

In this article we cover what’s actually needed – both in terms of hardware and software products, as well as the training and other items necessary to generate UAV mapping products. 1. Drone (UAV) – Fixed Wing or Multirotor Multirotors are a great initial platform – they’re less expensive, easier to fly and the smaller datasets (due to the smaller area covered) are faster to process. A DJI Phantom 3 Advanced or Pro makes a great low-cost starter platform, while a Phantom 4 Pro is not significantly more expensive and …
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Drone Mapping Accuracy – Part I – Ground Control Points (GCP)

In the business of UAV mapping, accuracy is everything. As my surveyor partner indicates, “If you don’t have an accurate project, it’s nothing more than a pretty picture…”. Close enough is great if you are playing horseshoes or tossing hand grenades. However, if you are doing UAV mapping, being “close enough” is a waste of your time and your clients’ money. So, how do you obtain the highest amount of accuracy in your drone mapping project? The most common method is to use Ground Control Points. (Another method, Real Time …
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