What does it take to generate UAV aerial mapping products?

The general components needed for mapping are:
Drone (UAV) – fixed wing or multirotor
Mapping Flight Planning software (controls drone in capturing numerous images with proper overlap)
Most multirotors use either as an iOS or Android app (e.g. Pix4D capture app, Map Pilot for DJI (our favorite) or Drone Deploy)
Fixed wings tend to use a Windows program through a laptop or tablet…
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How Hard is it to fly a Drone?

The “monkey skills” (as I’ll refer to them for learning how to fly the drone) are not very complicated. While you wouldn’t want to just pull our brand new drone out of the box, charge the battery and launch it without learning something about it, around 3-4 hours of learning the basics of the aircraft and its associated software can get you to safely making takeoffs, landings and flying around…
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