Vertical Aspect FAQs

What does it take to generate UAV aerial mapping products?

The general components needed for mapping are:

  • Drone (UAV) – fixed wing or multirotor
  • Mapping Flight Planning software (controls drone in capturing numerous images with proper overlap)
    • Most multirotors use either as an iOS or Android app (e.g. Pix4D capture app, Map Pilot for DJI (our favorite) or Drone Deploy)
    • Fixed wings tend to use a Windows program through a laptop or tablet
  • Post-Processing Software  (where the heavy lifting is done – takes the images and provides the various output products)
    • Desktop (e.g. Pix4D or AgiSoft Photoscan) or,
    • Online Processing (Drone Deploy or Maps Made Easy)
  • Optional Additional Software (such as Virtual Surveyor or Global Mapper)